Taming Tantrums E Book

Simple and Positive Ways to Address Kid's Behavior and Be the Mom You Want to Be

A simple and positive approach to even the most challenging behavior.

by Wendy Bertagnole

Masters Special Education


Parenting isn't easy,

but it doesn't have to be THAT hard.

We all expect to deal with a FEW tantrums. But when those tantrums continue and all the "parenting hacks" fail us, it feels like there's no hope for ever enjoying motherhood again.

That was my story.

I felt alone

I felt ashamed of how I reacted, and how my kid acted.

And I was too afraid to reach out to other moms who all seemed to have it all together.

After trying everything, and realizing none of it worked, I started doing things different.

This book is the product of everything I learned and did that actually worked to calm the big emotions in our home.

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Taming Tantrums ebook

"I began seeing positive changes in our home so quickly. We are far from perfect, but I can say that we are happier and my relationship with my son is so much better."

- Maryam K,

"Wendy writes in a way that parents can easily understand, from her own experience as a mother and professional. Parents will be able to relate to her struggles, hearing new ideas and encouraging insights from someone who has walked right alongside them."

- Amelia B, Behavior Therapist

"Taming Tantrums brings great insight into understanding and addressing even the most difficult behaviors we might see in our homes. It replaces the old parenting advice, that just doesn't work, with real solutions that do."

- Cassie Mitchell

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