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Addressing Behavior In A Way that Is Sustainable and Actually WORKS!

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Easily Understand, Minimize Behaviors... and Stay Sane

Parenting won't ever be perfect, but it can absolutely be enjoyed!

When you've reached the point where it feels like nothing is working, or you just want to improve on what you have in your mothering life, this is exactly the place for you.

There is no tantrum too big, or behavior too challenging.

Here we cover it all and welcome you with open arms! Welcome to the place where nobody has to be perfect, where you can find people who understand, and the support you've always wished you had!

Parenthood is full of mixed emotions. It is the best and hardest job we've ever had.

Dealing with whining, arguing, tantrums, power struggles, or meltdowns is not an easy job, and one that leaves us all feeling like we are either walking on eggshells or fighting an uphill battle. We are left wondering which parenting style can address it all, and frustrated when nothing works. It's enough to make any mom feel like a failure, I know because I've been there too!

During that difficult time in my life, other people offered advice about being more strict, putting my kids in timeout more often, and just "staying consistent" but none of those work and just made things worse!

I put aside all the typical parenting rules, dove into the research, and learned WHY behavior happens, WHEN to intervene, WHAT to do (without adding more stress to my life) and HOW to do it in a way that WORKED without causing more stress.

That's what I share with you here!

This classroom helped me to think about parenting as a way to help my child gain skills. To me, it was a mental relief to start approaching my child in this fashion. It gave me new energy to help my child. Wendy is so compassionate and empowering in her comments and directly addressed my questions.

Heather Huxol

This course has taught me to look through a different lens and see my child's behaviors as lacking some skills that can be taught. I can honestly say that the last few weeks have been so much better in our house. What a life changer this classroom has been!

Shanna Hackett

This course was the missing piece I have been looking for! This material is broken down step by step and is appropriate for anyone who wants to better understand the source of their kid's behaviors. Wendy offers and approach that turns vague theories into tangible strategies that actually bring positive changes.

Krystal Lopez

Today I am happy and not anxious about being a Nana. I now believe in my abilities to be the best Nana I can be

Betty Miller, Grandma "Nana" to amazing kids

It's so refreshing to be in such a supportive learning community after trying it all on my own. I felt like I was the only one facing these struggles as a parent. I am so grateful for Wendy and her expertise being brought to me in this format so it was easy for me to participate in. This information has truly changed my life!

Kate Macri

Daily Personalized Support From Me

Easy-To-Understand Concepts in Videos or PDF

A Supportive Community of People Who Get It

"...my children's behaviour stemmed from an unmet need for individual connection through child-led activities..."

"...the real interaction and support from the instructor for help with implementing new strategies..."

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Feature Value
6 weeks of daily feedback in FB group $300
6 FB live sessions for direct feedback in the group $497
Supportive group of other parents who get it $100
15 videos of content $197
15 PDF versions of the videos for download $47
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Parenting Simplified: How to Minimize and Understand Behavior $45
5 Daily Habits of Mostly Sane Parents $45
Total Value $1231

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Course Curriculum

Course Benefits

Learn SIMPLE ways to have a greater understanding, connection, and more enjoyable time with your kids

Naturally become less reactive

Understand more clearly why behaviors happen and how to address them

Have go-to strategies that work and don't cause tension

Easily find resolutions for previously reactive situations

Help your child find the words to appropriately express and work through emotions

Become confident in your ability to be the parent you've dreamed of being

Your Instructor

Wendy Bertagnole
Wendy Bertagnole

Hi! I'm Wendy, and I'm here to help you live the parenting life of your dreams.

As a mom of three I know a few things about the daily chaos that happens in a home. After years of living in frustration and confusion about my kids behavior, I decided there had to be a better way. I learned everything I could about parenting and behavior and as I did, I noticed a shift. Things became easier. I didn't have to think about being more patient, count to ten before losing my patience, or constantly fight my own urges to lose it with my kids on a daily basis.

Things became more simple, more sane, and more enjoyable at home.

Is my parenting perfect? Nope! Parenting never will be. But is it MUCH better? YES! Now I share those things with parents all over the world in a way that is easy, sustainable, and truly works!

Understand How to React When Tantrums Start

Teach Your Child To...

Deal with emotions

Listen without arguing

Use self calming strategies

Verbalize feelings without screaming or whining

Solve problems without meltdowns or tantrums

Who Is It For?

Parents who are frustrated or confused by behaviour.

Parents who are willing to put in an hour a week to learn how to deal with it.

Parents who want solutions to behaviour that will truly work.

Who Is It NOT For?

Parents who want to control kids' behaviour.

Parents who want a quick fix without any work.

Parents who are not willing to look at behaviour in a different perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and finish?
The program starts on October 9th and for those in the full version, I will be there to provide support for 6 weeks. Each week one module will be released. Each module consists of 4-5 videos (15 minutes each). Once you enroll in the program, you are in it forever.
How long do I have access to the program?
Once you are part of this program, you have access to all the videos and written material for Ever!
What if I am unhappy with the program?
I would never want you to be unhappy! Contact me within the first 10 days if you feel it isn't for you. [email protected] If you can show that you've put in the work, tried to apply the concepts, and it isn't working for you, I'll provide you with a full refund.
How much time will this program take?
I ask all students to dedicate one hour per week to the content. That hour can be broken up into 20 minutes each weekday or one hour on the weekend. At that pace, the program will be completed in less than 6 weeks. I've had students work full time and still find it easy to manage the program in that time.
Is this just for kids with a specific diagnosis?
Nope! This program is for parents, caregivers, and professionals who want to finally understand behavior, why it happens, and how to start addressing it effectively. This is for people who are tired of discipline that doesn't work and want an alternative that will decrease behavior. Diagnosis or not, these strategies apply to all!
What if I work full time?
I've had dozens of full time working mommies successfully take this program without feeling burdened. It requires only 1 hour per week, and you decide when that hour happens. It is flexible to your schedule and time commitments. AND you can listen to it on your mobile device to and from work, soccer practice, and piano lessons.

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About Wendy Bertagnole

  • Wendy is a mother of three with a background in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She believes all behavior is a form of communication and teaches parents how to uncover that communication in a way that is simple and sustainable.

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