Proprioception, vestibular, under processing, oh my! It took me YEARS to really understand all the terms....then I had to figure out how those each affected my kid.

This is meant to be a great place to make sense of it all so you can take the stress out of raising a sensory kid. Minimize meltdowns? OF COURSE! Learn how to use sensory activities (that don't feel like therapy and don't cost $100) to help your kid feel happier and calm? YES!

That's just a little of what you'll get here.

Wendy Bertagnole

I'm a mom of three and one who understands that parenting a sensory kid is unlike anything most parents face. I get it because I am a mom of a sensory kid, and nothing I learned about child development, parenting, or special education prepared me for the journey it would be.

I'm so glad you're here! Being an exceptional parent starts with understanding your child who seems to be an exception to every rule.

Whats included:

Printable workbook

13 pages of simple explanations of each sense along with a separate workbook for everyone to discover their own sensory preferences.

Sensory mini training
sensory mini training

14 minute video to explain all the senses without the confusing technical terms. This does all the explaining for you in a simple and short mini video. Use this along with the workbook.


Mom Inspiration Quote Cards

We all need reminders every now and then. These printable cards will be the little dose of positivity, reminding you of what's important when things get tough.

Mini audio training

When it comes to helping our kids meet their sensory needs without all the tools, and sensory diets, it can feel overwhelming. This simple audio training helps to simplify it all and make sensory doable in your home.

Mini audio training

Anyone else fight with their kids over the littlest things? If so this audio training is for you! Here you'll learn how to avoid power struggles without "giving in" so your home can feel happier and more calm than ever before.

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Understanding and supporting your sensory kid starts here


Explaining sensory workbook