4 daily habits to calm challenging behavior

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Say “goodbye” to constantly telling your kids to do the same thing, losing your cool, yelling, and feeling so dang frustrated.

Instead, become that patient, present mom you were born to be.

What if every parenting tip you’ve been taught was working against you?

I know it’s painful to even *think* about, but hear me out.

for the FREE online video workshop

Most of us end up repeating the parenting tactics our parents used, or what we see around us: timeouts, grounding, punishments, yelling, bribing and bargaining.

...and they don’t work for kids with strong wills, sensory challenges, or certain personalities.

But instead of recognizing that the method failed, you walk away from every blow-up feeling like you failed.

And you didn’t. I promise.

I've discovered three shifts you can use to feel more connected to your child, teach them how to manage their big emotions, and manage yours too, with ease.

What works for one kid might not work for yours and that’s OK.

You’re way too busy to waste your time on parenting hacks for that would never work for your kid.

Here you’ll learn a simple process that you can follow to unlock the reason for ANY behavior, and ANY stage, so you can adapt it to your unique situation.

We’re talking super simple changes to help you parent without losing your mind.

This workshop will help YOU become the expert, rather than spending hours searching the internet for one.

What Others are Saying

So thankful to have found other parents who have kids like mine! No one else understands!”


“The past couple of days I have really tried to use this approach. My kids have responded nicely. It is nice to have a little bit of peace!”

Ashlee H

“So, even with the bumps in the road I can see a difference. I’m looking at this behavior in this way and it has made a huge difference in my own well being this week.”


Here’s What You’ll Get Inside This Free Online Video Workshop

  • How to not feel like yelling so much
  • Ways to help your kid manage their big emotions
  • How to teach your child responsibility without causing a fight
  • What to do when it all goes south and you need a reboot (let’s face it, nobody’s perfect)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is this workshop?
It's free! Join us now so you can get these behaviors under control and start feeling like a more patient mom again.
Do I have to show up at a certain time?
Nope. You'll get access to the videos as soon as you sign up. I'd recommend making the time to watch them so you don't miss the bonus in video 3.
Where do I go to get the videos?
After you sign up, I'll send you a link to the videos . Check your spam mail for that first email.

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