Simplifying Behavior and Enjoying Motherhood

Online classrooms teaching parents how to address and avoid challenging, frustrating, or quirky behavior using the most simple and effective processes possible.

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Parenting won't ever be perfect, but it can absolutely be enjoyed!

When you've reached the point where it feels like nothing is working, or you just want to improve on what you have in your mothering life, this is exactly the place for you.

There is no tantrum too big, or behavior too challenging.

Here we cover it all and welcome you with open arms! Welcome to the place where nobody has to be perfect, where you can find people who understand, and the support you've always wished you had!



Understand behavior on a different level


Uncover the reason behind tantrums and meltdowns


Help your child deal with big emotions


Know how to confidently address it


Feel more connected to your child


Enjoy a more peaceful home


Research based


Simple to implement

Available on all devices

Our courses can be viewed on any device from desktop to your mobile phone. Simple visit the website from your mobile device and login to continue.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the dedicated iOS app from the app store.

Note: This app is currently in development and is not created by us.

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About Wendy Bertagnole

  • Wendy is a mother of three with a background in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She believes all behavior is a form of communication and teaches parents how to uncover that communication in a way that is simple and sustainable.

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